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about me — q&a

why a portfolio website? you already have a job!

I like to show off.

More importantly — I must do this so I am prepared to teach my students how to combine their design and WP skills to create a strong portfolio site using WORDPRESS FULL-SITE EDITING! Yippee!

about that job…

I teach website & print graphic design and other courses at Keystone College, among myriad other academic duties.

Prior to academia, I was a marketing designer/communicator in locales including San Francisco, Portugal, Minneapolis, Chicago, and northeastern PA (think Dunder Mifflin).

what else do you dig doing?

Eating chocolate.

I also am a theatre artist and fan. Most recently I played a Brooklynite Dogberry (as a man) in Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing

In my midwestern years I did improvisation and theatre, playing mostly comic roles, except for that WICKED Lady Capulet (Romeo & Juliet).

These days my thrills include day trips around the northeast with my hubby, visits to my Minnesota family, and gardening/landscaping around our woodsy, expansive backyard.

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